Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Give the gift of literacy with Room to Read!

Did you know that in places like rural Cambodia, more than half of young girls spend their days working as laborers rather than as students? Room to Read is changing that statistic in Cambodia and 9 other countries, where they are working to bring literacy and education to 15 million kids growing up in with few opportunities.

Toward that goal, they have already built almost 2,000 schools, established more than 17,000 libraries and distributed over 15 million native-language children's books, as well as facilitating the secondary education of over 30,000 girls who would have never been able to complete their schooling otherwise.

If you make a donation to Room to Read in the next two days, your contribution will be tripled. I donate to the Cambodia Girls' Education project, but you can pick a literacy project of your choice in 10 different countries! Let's work together to make it possible for more girls to grow up to be the teachers, doctors and leaders who raise their communities out of poverty and into a brighter future.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Andrew Hem's "Unknown Terrain"

This Saturday, October 10th, make sure to make it out to Andrew Hem's latest solo show, "Unknown Terrain" at KP Projects (Merry Karnowsky Gallery) from 7-10. To attend, you must RSVP at rsvp@mkgallery.com.

"The Journey Begins"

If you're planning to stick closer to downtown on Saturday, check out his new mural at the opening of the Giant Robot Biennale, also on Saturday from 7-10!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Edwin Ushiro's "The Study of Life as Things"

Saturday, July 18th will mark Edwin Ushiro's first-ever all-drawing show, which I have been looking forward to ever since I first met him, seven years ago.

"An Unequivocal Want"

Edwin is simply the best draftsman I have ever met, and his intimate evocations of the world of his childhood are haunting, whatever his medium. These small drawings, executed on translucent paper in ballpoint pen, markers, pens, colored pencil and graphite, will be on view at Giant Robot.

"An Arm's Length Within Safer Depth" (detail)

"Waiting To Be Held" (detail)

Friday, May 15, 2015

Ill Squad!

Come out tomorrow night to Giant Robot for an exhibition of illustration curated by Andrew Hem! "Ill Squad" will feature luminaries like Kim Cogan and Jim Salvati, favorites like Edwin Ushiro and Ekundayo, and many amazing artists who we haven't had a chance to see yet in the Los Angeles gallery scene.

Edwin Ushiro


Jim Salvati

Kim Cogan

Marc Trujillo

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"Aggregate," featuring Zero+ published artists and a special Andrew Hem release

This Saturday, don't miss Aggregate at Merry Karnowsky Gallery, a show dedicated to the artists published by my friend Kirk Pederson of Zero+ Publishing, including Andrew Hem, Edwin Ushiro and Dabs Myla. An RSVP is required, so be sure to email the gallery if you'd like to attend.

As an added incentive to stop by, the show will feature the release of one final clamshell box edition of the long sold-out Andrew Hem: Dreams Towards Reality, including a print of the much-admired "Close Matchbox" piece.

Aggregate is an exhibition of the work of 17 artists, curated by Kirk Pedersen from the roster of visionaries published by his imprint, ZERO+ Publishing. Running the gamut from street art to pop surrealism to illustration to fine art—and sometimes blending genres in ways that defy categorization entirely—this group of artists could hardly be more eclectic. Yet they all share a passion for exploring other dimensions—uncharted territories that are both spatial and emotional, metaphorical and metaphysical. In addition to an original artwork by each artist, the gallery will display a number of unique artist-made deluxe box editions that have been created through the collaborative rapport that gradually evolved between these artists and their publisher.

From its inception, ZERO+ Publishing established a manifesto of sorts—it would publish limited editions of 1,000 that would never be reprinted, using the finest paper and printing methods available, and most importantly, design and edit each book in collaboration with the artist, recognizing that their insight is integral to creating a truly great book. In consequence, each book would be unique, taking its form according to the innate requirements of each artist’s body of work. For many ZERO+ titles, another level of artistry would be revealed with custom-made deluxe box editions, each of which would include original artwork. Ultimately, what makes ZERO+ unique in the publishing world is Kirk Pedersen’s sense of adventure and keen curatorial eye. The editions displayed in this exhibition share with their artist subjects a resonance and integrity that belie the perception of books as products—for in many ways, these books are themselves works of art.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dabs Myla take over the MTV Movie Awards!

Make some time tonight to tune in to the MTV Movie Awards, because Dabs Myla has taken complete control of the event, from designing the logo, award and guest swag to conceiving and executing the show's 40-foot-tall set! The scale of their involvement in this project is unprecedented, outmatching the Kaws takeover of the MTV VMAs in 2013. You can catch the event live at 8 p.m. Eastern, 5 p.m. on the West Coast.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Andrew Hem's Debut New York Solo

This weekend at the Scope art fair in New York City, Thinkspace will present Andrew Hem's first New York solo show. You really need to see these paintings in person to fully experience the otherworldly hues, mysterious presences, enigmatic messages and subtle violations of the laws of time and gravity that permeate Andrew's dreamlike visions. Andrew will be traveling to New York for the fair, so with any luck, you might run into him while you're there.


"This Is the First Day of My Life"

"Tell the World I'm Coming Home"