Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dabs Myla's New Book!

Today I'm thrilled to announce that the gorgeous new book I co-authored with Dabs Myla will be released on July 15th! If you order it directly from Zero Plus Publishing between now and July 22nd, you will receive a signed copy, and domestic shipping will be free! Order early, as I predict this one will sell out fast.

Dabs Myla: Midnight Fantasy is an eye-poppingly vibrant monograph that takes you inside the world of Dabs Myla, a collaborative duo that spends every waking moment conjuring joy with a brush and a spray can, inspired by their life as a married couple, their perpetual travel around the world, and the beautiful pandemonium of everyday experience. With an introduction by street art historian Roger Gastman and an essay by Amanda Erlanson, and featuring 122 color plates, including many vivid photographs spanning the book’s entire 22-inch spread, this sumptuous volume showcases an impeccably curated selection of Dabs Myla’s paintings, art objects, gallery installations and murals. Each turn of the page brings a fresh evocation of the unique blend of passion, playfulness and virtuosity that distinguishes the work of Dabs Myla as unparalleled in its field.

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