Sunday, February 23, 2014

Andrew Hem's "Dream But Don't Sleep"

I am overjoyed to announce that Andrew Hem's next solo show, entitled "Dream But Don't Sleep," will open on March 8th at Merry Karnowsy Gallery.

His largest solo to date, this exhibition marks the culmination of three years of remarkable growth for Andrew, both as a painter and as a human being. His latest collection of dreamlike images is inspired by nostalgia for painting graffiti and b-boying with the D2R crew as a youth, memories of his travels through South America and Southeast Asia, and the beautiful chaos of artists' studios both real and imagined. In this body of work more than ever before, the boldness of his use of color combines with his subtle touch with light and texture to invoke a hauntingly emotional atmosphere. At the moment, Andrew is putting the finishing touches on an installation which will echo the environment in several of the paintings. Make sure to RSVP to if you plan to attend, as you won't be allowed to enter unless you're on their list. I'll see you there!

Apologies & Updates

Here I am, back again — I bet you thought I was gone for good! I'm just ducking in to make a quick announcement about a very exciting upcoming event (check the next post). I've been distracted from writing here over the past year or so by my new pastime, muay thai kickboxing at The Yard.

Anyone who knows me could confirm that training there has worked wonders for me, both physically and mentally. If that sounds interesting, and you live in Los Angeles anywhere near Lincoln Heights, you should come to The Yard and check it out. First sessions are always free. Bring a friend!

In upcoming exciting news, I have just completed writing the introductory essay for Dabs Myla's new book, Midnight Fantasy, which will be coming out in a few months from Zero+ Publishing! It's going to be incredible — 180 pages of rambunctious, ribald joy. 

I am currently embroiled in crafting an essay for my dear friend Edwin Ushiro's upcoming book from Zero+, which will be a gorgeous, haunting volume entitled Gathering Whispers. Keep an eye on the Zero+ website for details.