Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wild at Heart: Kirk's Dik-dik

Tonight is the opening of "Wild at Heart: Keep Wildlife in the Wild," the endangered species benefit that Andrew Hosner and I are co-curating at Thinkspace. 20% of the proceeds of the show will go to Born Free USA to help threatened wildlife. Hope to see you there!

Brad Woodfin "Zik-zik"

Kirk’s Dik-dik is a tiny rabbit-like antelope that lives in the dry savannahs of eastern Africa and stands just 14 inches tall. It has rubbery hooves adapted for rocky terrain and an elongated, prehensile nose that allows it to cool its blood through panting when under heat stress. When startled, dik-diks make quick zigzag leaps, dashing for cover while uttering an alarm call that sounds like “zik-zik.” Truly mated for life, the dik-dik will sometimes commit suicide if its partner is killed. Though it is vulnerable to a great many predators, it is usually able to elude them by darting away at speeds up to 26 miles per hour. While dik-diks are not currently endangered, their habitat is perpetually under threat from agricultural expansion.

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