Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thomas Doyle, American Dreamer

Tomorrow, March 8th, a remarkable museum exhibition entitled "American Dreamers" will open at the Centre for Contemporary Culture at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, Italy. The work of 12 American contemporary artists will be on view, each presented in its own room of the palace. The artists featured are Thomas Doyle, Laura Ball, Nick Cave, Patrick Jacobs, Will Cotton, Adrien Broom, Adam Cvijanovic, Richard Deon, Mandy Greer, Kirsten Hassenfeld and Christy Rupp.

Thomas Doyle "Acceptable Losses"

Excitingly, my very own Thomas Doyle piece, "Acceptable Losses," will be showcased. In fact, it has been at the forefront the exhibition's promotional campaign. Thomas tells me these posters are all over Florence.

According to the curator,
"The exhibition comprises a reflection on the work of artists who use fantasy, imagination and dreams to build alternative worlds to the increasingly complex reality of life today. Some condense the essence of reality into miniaturised systems while others expand outwards into space, and yet others feed on fantastic, dreamlike images or reflect on such symbolic themes as the home and the family, or the mass media imagery, which play even today a central role in the construction of the myth of the American way of life."

Nick Cave - Sound Suits

Laura Ball "Growing Pains"

Patrick Jacobs "Fairy Ring with Dandelions"

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