Monday, March 12, 2012

Erratic Photography: David Maisel

New York photographer David Maisel explores the related processes of memory and excavation, as well as the aesthetic and philosophical impact of man's mismanagement of the environment. His project History's Shadow is a series of rephotographed x-rays of antiquities taken for museum conservation.

History's Shadow GM3

Terminal Mirage is a collection of vividly hued, almost abstract aerial photographs of evaporation ponds in Utah. Library of Dust is a document of hundreds of efflorescing copper canisters filled with cremated human remains that were left unclaimed for decades in the basement of an empty psychiatric hospital. His otherworldly images unveil the beauty of decay and give form to the forgotten.

Terminal Mirage 24

Library of Dust 1834

History's Shadow GM12

Terminal Mirage 13

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