Monday, February 27, 2012

Erratic Photography: Steve McCurry

Today I'll show you Steve McCurry, a documentary photographer whose vision is so penetrating that it's extremely difficult to choose just five images to represent his work.

Red Boy, India, 1997

Though he is most famous for a 1985 National Geographic cover photo of an Afghan refugee girl, he has taken dozens of other photos that are just as compelling. He focuses on the human consequences of war and poverty, and has a unique talent for capturing a sense of the human spirit. You can read an interview with him here.

Fishermen, Weligama, Sri Lanka, 1995

Mother and Child at Car Window, India, 1995

Caretaker at the Tha Promh Temple, Angkor, Cambodia, 1999

Dust Storm, Rajasthan, India, 1983

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