Monday, January 23, 2012

Erratic Photography: Todd Hido

Today I'll show you an American photographer named Todd Hido. I saw his new book, A Road Divided, at the Photo L.A. art fair a couple of weeks ago.

His work speaks of longing and loss, of family and his own complicated childhood. He likes to drive around on dark, atmospheric days and take pictures as he finds them, with no fuss and no artificial art direction or lighting. He says, "Shooting through the window started by accident. It was raining one day when I was taking pictures in the suburbs, and I stopped at an intersection. All the water rushed off the roof of the car and poured down the windshield, making this wonderfully expressive scene in front of me. I quickly snapped the shot and moved on." You can read a short interview with him here.

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Randall Todd said...

Thank you for posting these, I found this page via a web search for Todd Hido. The images are captivating.