Sunday, December 4, 2011

Graffiti Bacchanal Miami

Having just returned from the humungous art jamboree that is clustered around Art Basel Miami, I thought I would share a few of my favorite things, most of which were centered around the graffiti zone in Wynwood, which was a hive of activity all week. Hundreds of graffiti and street artists from around the world came and embellished walls, some legally and many working catch as catch can, getting up by any means necessary. For a wider angle view on the festivities and fairs, including a lot of cool stuff I saw and neglected to take a picture of, see my buddy Jack's extensive coverage at Daily du Jour.

First off, Dabs Myla were up to their usual tricks on 25th Street just west of 2nd. Their zesty tiger tipped its hat to their piece in the Underbelly Project Show, which opened its doors just a block down the street.

The legendary Martha Cooper stopped by and was game to let 7th Letter photographer Willie T mount a POV camera on her head to catch some first-person footage of her shooting the dynamic duo at work.

Just across the street, Dabs Myla's friend Witnes was dreaming up a gorgeous mass of billowing flesh woven through a letter skeleton, working entirely freestyle.

On the third day, as twilight closed in, Dabs and Myla finished their piece across the street and came over to add some flanking elements to Witnes's incredible concoction.

Check out Willie T's video of the action.

Meanwhile, just down the street at 25th and 3rd, Zed One from Italy was working on his second piece...

...after completing his first effort in a nearby vacant lot...

...with a few new friends looking on...

....and the inspiration of a splendid holdover from years past.

Heading east on 25th toward Miami Avenue, this police impound lot was getting a makeover...

...and as we turned the corner, we got an eyeful of Rime conjuring up an incredibly ambitious cast of characters along its east wall.

You can see an update on this wall at Daily du Jour, since Jack stayed a couple of days longer than I did. He says Rime's in the home stretch.

(Update: Check out Rime's post explaining his methods and motivation, including a panoramic picture of the entire 50-character wall.)

Not far to the east by the train tracks on 27th, Roa recently bisected this manatee on the side of a warehouse. You should also check out his installation for White Walls at Scope, which adds more dimension to his body of work.

Last but not least, Angry Woebots was in his usual fine fettle, roaring at the world.

Did I forget Pez? He always makes me smile. And that's that!

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