Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Dark Water"

This Saturday, November 12th is the opening night for "Dark Water" at Copro Gallery, a remarkable group exhibition curated by artist Martin Wittfooth. With legends like Phil Hale, Jeremy Lipking and Marshall Arisman involved, as well as Erratic Phenomena favorites like Andrew Hem and Aron Wiesenfeld, the quality of the work in this show will far exceed expectations. Make sure to come out and meet Martin, as well as a great many of the other artists involved.

Andrew Hem "Watch Your Back"

Aron Wiesenfeld "Winter Cabin"

Brad Kunkle "Reclamation"

Dave Cooper "Mermaid"

Alyssa Monks "Reserve"

"The dullest soul cannot go upon such an expedition without some of the spirit of adventure; as if he had stolen the boat of Charon and gone down the Styx on a midnight expedition into the realms of Pluto... The silent navigator shoves his craft gently over the water, with a smothered pride and sense of benefaction, as if he were the phosphor, or light-bringer, to these dusky realms, or some sister moon, blessing the spaces with her light." – Henry David Thoreau

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Terry Strickland said...

This looks like an amazing show, thank you for sharing!