Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dabs Myla take on Miami

For the art world bacchanal in Miami this week, the shadowy figures behind last year's remarkable subterranean revelation, The Underbelly Project, have curated an exhibition that includes my friends Dabs Myla. They will be exhibiting their work alongside graffiti luminaries like Revok, Haze and Saber and street art pioneers including Swoon, Dan Witz and Ron English. The Underbelly Show opens on Friday, December 2nd in the Wynwood area of Miami.

Also, if you're wandering through the Wynwood area, you might be lucky enough to catch Dabs and Myla painting a wall with their pal Witnes. Make sure to stop and say hello, they're good people.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Andrew Hem at Pulse Miami

If you're in Miami this week for the art world festivities, make sure to stop by and see Andrew Hem's latest work at the LeBasse Projects booth in the Pulse Miami Art Fair, alongside work by Seonna Hong. You will have the opportunity to see one haunting painting rendered in the deepest of twilight blues, alive with animal magnetism and uncoiling psychic energies, as well as number of moleskine sketchbooks that unveil the spirits in the landscape.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Edwin Ushiro takes Hong Kong

This Friday, November 25th, my good friend Edwin Ushiro will take part in Arrested Motion's curating debut, a group exhibition entitled "East West Connect" at Above Second Gallery in Hong Kong. With artists the likes of Brendan Monroe, Shepard Fairey, Tomokazu Matsuyama and Yoskay Yamamoto participating, this show will introduce Hong Kong to a wide variety of perspectives from some of the most popular artists in the scene today. If you're in the area, don't miss this rare opportunity to view their work in person.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mark Ryden's Nostalgic Alchemy

I won't be posting an interview this month, because I'm buckling down on a big book project for a little while (more on that soon), but if you're in the mood for some reading, pick up this month's Juxtapoz and check out my cover feature essay, "Mark Ryden and the Transfiguration of Kitsch."

Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Dark Water"

This Saturday, November 12th is the opening night for "Dark Water" at Copro Gallery, a remarkable group exhibition curated by artist Martin Wittfooth. With legends like Phil Hale, Jeremy Lipking and Marshall Arisman involved, as well as Erratic Phenomena favorites like Andrew Hem and Aron Wiesenfeld, the quality of the work in this show will far exceed expectations. Make sure to come out and meet Martin, as well as a great many of the other artists involved.

Andrew Hem "Watch Your Back"

Aron Wiesenfeld "Winter Cabin"

Brad Kunkle "Reclamation"

Dave Cooper "Mermaid"

Alyssa Monks "Reserve"

"The dullest soul cannot go upon such an expedition without some of the spirit of adventure; as if he had stolen the boat of Charon and gone down the Styx on a midnight expedition into the realms of Pluto... The silent navigator shoves his craft gently over the water, with a smothered pride and sense of benefaction, as if he were the phosphor, or light-bringer, to these dusky realms, or some sister moon, blessing the spaces with her light." – Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

João Ruas' "Yore"

This Saturday, clear the decks for the opening of João Ruas' largest exhibition to date, "Yore." In this latest body of work, he has allowed his world to grow more confused and abstracted, evoking emotional turmoil and otherworldly realms of the spirit. In addition to 20 paintings, 5 etchings, and several pieces painted on ostrich eggs, this remarkable show will feature a mural installation, a print, an exhibition catalog and his recently released book of sketches, Minion. You can immerse yourself in João's ethereal mythos at Thinkspace on November 5th.

"Nymphs V"

"The Two Tempting Heracles"