Monday, March 28, 2011

Tessar Lo's "M∆PS"

Once again, I bring you the continuing adventures of one of my favorite people in the world, Tessar Lo. His next solo show, "M∆PS," will be opening on Friday, April 1st at Show & Tell in Toronto. Last week, Tessar was kind enough to let me ask him a few questions about this latest body of work.

"fleeting of an island"

Erratic Phenomena: Over the past year since your last solo at Show & Tell, your work has evolved in new directions while still retaining its signature palette and many of its familiar landmarks. Tell me a bit about the new landscapes and ideas you've been exploring this year.

Tessar: I've been trying as much as I can to unlearn many things that one learns formally. A lot of the things that might have come out this year are the result of trying to rely on instinct more, and less on logic and conscious composition and planning.

I've always been fascinated by the effect of chance and time, but I want to learn how I can utilize it freely, control it by letting go. Much of the imagery repeats itself for a lot of different reasons, but sometimes also without reason. Object or subject can act as form only, without meaning, sometimes to convey a type of space or to take it up.

EP: Much of your recent work has been focused on capturing the elusive atmosphere of that place in between waking-reality and dreaming-reality. Could you tell me a bit about why that state is so compelling for you, and what you have discovered there?

Tessar: Where in the past, I've been interested in capturing that atmosphere through imagery and color, the move has been gradually turning into how I approach the painting as a whole, and within the marks and decisions being made. These days, it's not enough to capture that state, but to attempt to be painting in it.

The reason why it's so fascinating for me is that transience, which I think speaks so deeply to our existence and the things we experience daily — and creating in its every aspect is a unique moment in time, mixed with chance and intention, impossible to repeat. I hope I never fully discover what's there.

"blue reasons"

EP: What sorts of things have been inspiring you recently?

Tessar: I've taken up in the school of biocartography. Most of my time is spent getting into the ideas of narrative — how it works in time, linear or sporadic, how it's communicated in a still form and how people relate in hope and the formation of futures based on the imagination's derivation of memory. We're connected by stories — so I want to know about people, and I've decided to chart what I can on the way.

(via Alice Lo Photography)

EP: Where do you hope to head next?

Tessar: Recently, it dawned on me that I cover a very specific aspect of life. I'd like to explore more — listen harder, look more carefully. Who knows what's out there, right?

"some place immersed in night, water"

Tessar Lo's solo show, "M∆PS," opens on Friday, April 1st at Show & Tell in Toronto. I will be flying up for the show, so I hope to see you there.

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