Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rob Sato's "Blowing the Hatch"

This weekend, the amazing Rob Sato, whose work should be familiar to you all, will have a solo exhibit of drawings at Rowan Morrison Gallery in Oakland. This will be the final exhibit for the gallery, which is closing on a high note after five years of supporting artists associated with the nearby California College of the Arts. So make sure to go check it out on Saturday, March 5th!

"Giant Down"

Rob says, "This will be a drawing-heavy show. Recently, I’ve been compelled to draw more than paint, and have been enjoying the simple pleasures of graphite on paper. It has been an interesting period of getting back to basics, and at the same time trying things I’ve never done before. Currently, all preparations are a wild-eyed blur, so it is difficult to gauge what the show will consist of, but several graphite drawings can be expected, at least one large watercolor, and the last installments of my “Slideshow” series. There will be no less than that, maybe more, and as much as I can get in there."

"Motor Compass"

"Also, there will be one large piece dedicated to the gallery that was never missing. There’s a hare in the grave and Rowan Morrison will not die."

"Mass Gathering"

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