Sunday, April 26, 2009

Chris Berens' "White Ones"

As anyone who's spent any time here at Erratic Phenomena will know, Dutch painter Chris Berens fascinates me. His unique, self-taught technical excellence and acknowledgment of the Old Masters exalt his vision of an extraordinary universe which he views as if through the distortion of an ancient optical device.

I'm thrilled to announce that Chris will have a small show at Jaski Gallery in Amsterdam, opening on June 20. Less than one month later, 13 of his paintings will be installed at the Netherlands' Noordbrabants Museum for his first museum exhibition, which runs from July 12th through the end of August. His New York debut is scheduled for December 16th at Sloan Fine Art.


Kate Lightfoot said...

Thank you for all your posts on Chris Berens. After seeing the Hi Fructose video I was dying to find out more about him and your blog have proven invaluable! He has quickly become one of my all-time favourite artists.
xxx kate

Terry Strickland said...

Thank you for posting all this great info about Chris Berens and images of his work. He has just come to my attention and I'm fascinated!