Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fairey's Obama Campaign

What Hollywood resident doesn't know Shepard Fairey's ubiquitous Obey Giant? I feel as if I've been feeling that monolithic face glowering at me all my life. I even saw it stenciled on a concrete barricade in Hong Kong a few months ago. Like it or not, Shepard Fairey has become a master of artcrime propaganda, a branding genius and a booming industry, all in one.

If you watched the Los Angeles Democratic debates last week, you might have seen this poster, which Fairey produced without consulting the Obama campaign.

I guess Fairey is as inspired by Barack Obama as I am finding myself to be. I watched Obama's speech after the South Carolina primary and found myself sobbing – both with grief for what this country has become, and with yearning for what we could achieve. I have always believed that in order to fix the wrongs that our government has done to our people and to the people of the world, we would need a visionary leader who is both honest and empathetic, and I am stunned to discover that there is actually a person of that caliber who is willing to lower himself into the sewer of presidential politics.

I am so proud of our country for its embrace of Barack Obama.
It gives me real hope for our future.

I'll leave you with a few apropos words from one of my favorite street poets, Everlast:

If it ain't from the heart, then it can't be art
If you ain't got proof, then it can't be truth
If it ain't got legs, then it cannot run
If it ain't never started, then it can't be done.

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