Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sarah Joncas' "Sour Hearts"

On Friday night, I went to the Sarah Joncas and Camilla d'Errico Sour Hearts & Sweet Tarts opening at Thinkspace, a great show which you should check out if you're in Los Angeles. Thinkspace is a small gallery run by very friendly people who have great taste. They introduce a lot of new artists, and I'm thrilled that they had a show for Sarah Joncas, who's one of my favorites. Her work is both dark and whimsical, surreal and symbolic, featuring attenuated beauties in mysterious and troubling environments. Sarah was very sweet and posed for me with the painting I bought, "Fragile Hearts," which on her right. On her left is another great painting entitled "Undertow." There are still a few pieces left, so take a look!

Sarah also painted this gorgeous mural in the Thinkspace foyer.

And here is "Fragile Hearts," in all its glory:

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